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Kempston Garden Moths


Macro moths flying tonight, or last night, in Bedfordshire

Introduction updated 2018-05-21 09:36:30
We moved to Kempston, Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK at the end of September 2015.

I initially ran a 40W actinic Heath style trap in the garden. Since May 2016 I have been using a twin 30W actinic Robinson trap in preference to the 40W. View some photos of the trap and of how the garden has evolved.

The moth blog for our previous garden in Bramingham, Luton, Bedfordshire can be found at:;blogrid=1

On UK holidays I run a 15W twin actinic Skinner trap when permitted to do so, results can be found at:;blogrid=3

A few of our trips to Europe have included moth trapping by the trip leaders and some photos are included in my galleries

A listing showing full details of the most recent three years of trapping together with an all years summary can be found here
January 2019 updated 2019-01-26 02:13:23
After some blank nights, a Silver Y in the trap on the 6th and a Mottled Umber on the 12th. A warm night on the 25th produced a single Pale Brindled Beauty.
February 2019 updated 2019-02-23 06:25:07
A warm and wet night on the 5th produced two Pale Brindled Beauty.
On the 16th Common Quaker and, new to the garden:-
[Tortricodes alternella]
Tortricodes alternella
[Small Mottled Willow]
Small Mottled Willow

On the 19th Hebrew Character and micro Diurnea fagella were new for year.
On the 22nd another Tortricodes alternella, Common Plume and Dotted Border were new for year.
March 2019 updated 2019-03-31 03:25:15
A wet but warm night on the 2nd produced one new for year:-
[Twin-spotted Quaker]
Twin-spotted Quaker

Another warm night on the 19th added Light Brown Apple Moth and Double-striped Pug to the year list.
A problem with the Robinson trap on the 21st, so used the small 40W actinic. Early Grey and Tawny Pinion new macros for the year, and there was a first garden adult sighting of micro Turnip Moth:-
[Tawny Pinion]
Tawny Pinion
[Depressaria radiella]
Depressaria radiella

On the 24th, a quite cold night, Small Quaker was new for year.
The 26th was the third night using the 40W trap, it produced two new for year:-
[March Moth]
March Moth
[Powdered Quaker]
Powdered Quaker

The 60W actinic produced one new macro for the garden on the 30th:-
[Shoulder Stripe]
Shoulder Stripe
April 2019 updated 2019-05-01 00:35:05
A newly emerged Brimstone Moth in the afternoon of the 5th, but a fairly cold night brought just six moths of five species with nothing new for the year. The 40W actinic brought in the first Shuttle-shaped Dart of the year.
On the 17th two additions to the year list, White-shouldered House Moth and:-
[Flame Carpet]
Flame Carpet

The 19th brought just six moths to the trap, but they included three new for year (Eodnia angustea, Nut-tree Tussock and Pebble Prominent).
On the 22nd Brindled Pug was new for the year and there was a new macro for the garden:-
[Pine Carpet]
Pine Carpet

Angle Shades and the Cinnabar were new for year on the 24th.
The 30th brought two new for year, Muslin Moth and Pale Prominent.
[Muslin Moth]
Muslin Moth
May 2019 updated 2019-05-31 07:18:29
On the 2nd another Muslin Moth, and Ruby Tiger was new for year.
The 10th produced four new for year including Peppered Moth and:-
[Swallow Prominent]
Swallow Prominent

Another chilly night on the 14th produced just six moths, nothing new.
A warm night on the 17th produced just four macros and one micro - bats maybe?
The 19th produced three new for year and one new for garden:-
[Poplar Kitten]
Poplar Kitten

Back from a week in Abruzzo NP in Italy and a warm night on the 30th brought three new for year micros and five new for year macros including:-
[Pale Tussock]
Pale Tussock
[White Ermine]
White Ermine
June 2019 updated 2019-06-28 11:15:43
A warm night to start the month on the 1st produced one lifer:-
[Neofaculta ericetella]
Neofaculta ericetella

and new for year included Privet Hawkmoth, Spectacle and:-
[Figure of Eighty]
Figure of Eighty
[Varied Coronet]
Varied Coronet

The 4th despite being quite a cool night produced several more new year including:-
[Light Arches]
Light Arches

On the 5th an early morning visitor:-
[image 23105] [image 23106]
Humming-bird Hawkmoth

followed by new for garden Nemophora degeerella in the afternoon.
On the 9th Jenny found a Mallow caterpillar and then a Scarlet Tiger in the garden.
Overnight there were four new for year macros, plus a lifer for me:-
[image 23148] [image 23146]
The Spinach

With the long spell of heavy rain now gone, the 14th brought four new for year macros including:-
[Foxglove Pug]
Foxglove Pug

Three new for year micros on the 16th:-
[Celypha striana]
Celypha striana
[Dioryctria abietella]
Dioryctria abietella
[Tortrix viridana]
Tortrix viridana

Six new for year macros on the 19th, nothing unusual.
The 21st brought two new for year macros, a very worn Large Nutmeg and:-
[Least Carpet]
Least Carpet

Really a long way behind previous years here, especially for micros. Suspect will be well short of the 300 species mark this year.
A very warm and humid night on the 23rd brought singleton Privet, Elephant and Small Elephant Hawk-moths and a few more new for year.
Another warm night on the 25th brought new for garden Shoulder-striped Wainscot and five new for including:-
[Shoulder-striped Wainscot]
Shoulder-striped Wainscot
[Brown-line Bright-eye]
Brown-line Bright-eye

A new micro was found in the garden on the 26th:-
[Grapholita compositella]
Grapholita compositella

On the 28th we finally found a Toadflax Brocade caterpillar in the garden, that makes eight years in a row.
2019 Garden Summary updated 2019-06-27 02:10:31
New to the garden this year, trapped unless stated otherwise:-
2019-06-05 7.001 Nemophora degeerella daytime
2019-06-01 35.017 Neofaculta ericetella
2019-02-16 49.044 Tortricodes alternella
2019-06-26 49.347 Grapholita compositella daytime
2019-03-30 70.066 Shoulder Stripe
2019-02-16 73.087 Small Mottled Willow
2019-04-22 73.240 Pine Beauty
2019-05-19 71.007 Poplar Kitten
2019-06-09 70.092 The Spinach
2019-06-25 73.301 Shoulder-striped Wainscot
Summary from October 1, 2015 updated 2019-06-27 02:08:03
I trapped in our Luton garden from the middle of July 2008 to the end of September 2015:;blogrid=1
That garden is about 1km south of the northern boundary of Luton and about 0.5km from Bramingham Wood. I started trapping in our Kempston garden in October 2015. The garden is about 0.1km south of the river Great Ouse and is approximately 22km north and 5km west of the Luton garden. Both gardens are in VC 30, Bedfordshire.

411 species, excluding aggregates, were recorded in the Luton garden.

The following images show those species recorded in our Kempston garden that are not on our Luton list. (updated 2019-06-27):-

[4.045 Stigmella aurella<BR>2018-10-23<BR>lifer]
4.045 Stigmella aurella
[6.002 Antispila treitschkiella<BR>2018-07-22<BR>lifer]
6.002 Antispila treitschkiella
[7.004 Nemophora fasciella<BR>2016-06-26<BR>lifer]
7.004 Nemophora fasciella
[7.010 Cauchas rufimitrella<BR>2016-06-05<BR>lifer]
7.010 Cauchas rufimitrella
[7.014 Nematopogon metaxella<BR>2018-06-10<BR>lifer]
7.014 Nematopogon metaxella
[17.006 Ypsolopha horridella<BR>2018-08-03<BR>lifer]
17.006 Ypsolopha horridella
[27.001 Oegoconia quadripuncta<BR>2016-07-26<BR>first seen UK 2008]
27.001 Oegoconia quadripuncta
first seen UK 2008
[28.024 Tachystola acroxantha<BR>2018-11-15<BR>lifer]
28.024 Tachystola acroxantha
[32.017 Agonopterix arenella<BR>2018-05-03<BR>first seen Dorset 2010]
32.017 Agonopterix arenella
first seen Dorset 2010
[32.036 Depressaria radiella<BR>2016-07-10<BR>lifer]
32.036 Depressaria radiella
[34.004 Limnaecia phragmitella<BR>2016-08-06<BR>lifer]
34.004 Limnaecia phragmitella
[35.017 Neofaculta ericetella<BR>2019-06-01<BR>lifer]
35.017 Neofaculta ericetella
[35.033 Platyedra subcinerea<BR>2017-05-29<BR>lifer]
35.033 Platyedra subcinerea
[35.071 Monochroa lucidella<BR>2017-06-18<BR>lifer]
35.071 Monochroa lucidella
[39.005 Chrysoclista linneella<BR>2017-07-04<BR>lifer]
39.005 Chrysoclista linneella
[40.006 Mompha jurassicella<BR>2017-03-09<BR>lifer]
40.006 Mompha jurassicella
[49.037 Clepsis spectrana<BR>2016-08-14<BR>lifer]
49.037 Clepsis spectrana
[49.040 Lozotaeniodes formosana<BR>2018-06-28<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2011]
49.040 Lozotaeniodes formosana
first seen Bedfordshire 2011
[49.092 Phtheochroa inopiana<BR>2017-07-06<BR>lifer]
49.092 Phtheochroa inopiana
[49.133 Cochylis nana<BR>2017-05-26<BR>lifer]
49.133 Cochylis nana
[49.139 Cochylis atricapitana<BR>2018-07-19<BR>lifer]
49.139 Cochylis atricapitana
[49.155 Hedya salicella<BR>2016-07-17<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2005]
49.155 Hedya salicella
first seen Bedfordshire 2005
[49.184 Lobesia reliquana<BR>2017-05-31<BR>lifer]
49.184 Lobesia reliquana
[49.186 Endothenia gentianaeana<BR>2017-05-10<BR>lifer]
49.186 Endothenia gentianaeana
[49.188 Endothenia marginana<BR>2018-08-23<BR>lifer]
49.188 Endothenia marginana
[49.240 Epinotia immundana<BR>2016-05-09<BR>lifer]
49.240 Epinotia immundana
[49.253 Epinotia fraternana<BR>2018-06-03<BR>lifer]
49.253 Epinotia fraternana
[49.269 Eucosma campoliliana<BR>2016-07-26<BR>first seen Italy 2013]
49.269 Eucosma campoliliana
first seen Italy 2013
[49.288 Epiblema foenella<BR>2017-06-26<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2008]
49.288 Epiblema foenella
first seen Bedfordshire 2008
[49.307 Rhyacionia pinivorana<BR>2018-06-03<BR>lifer]
49.307 Rhyacionia pinivorana
[49.315 Dichrorampha simpliciana<BR>2016-08-17<BR>lifer]
49.315 Dichrorampha simpliciana
[49.322 Dichrorampha plumbagana<BR>2017-05-24<BR>lifer]
49.322 Dichrorampha plumbagana
[49.345 Lathronympha strigana<BR>2018-08-03<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2010]
49.345 Lathronympha strigana
first seen Bedfordshire 2010
[49.347 Grapholita compositella<BR>2019-06-26<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2012]
49.347 Grapholita compositella
first seen Bedfordshire 2012
[62.006 Galleria mellonella<BR>Wax Moth 2016-08-23<BR>lifer]
62.006 Galleria mellonella
Wax Moth 2016-08-23
[62.0151 Delplanqueia inscriptella<BR>2017-06-21<BR>first seen Spain 2012]
62.0151 Delplanqueia inscriptella
first seen Spain 2012
[62.028 Dioryctria abietella<BR>2017-05-26<BR>first seen Italy 2013]
62.028 Dioryctria abietella
first seen Italy 2013
[62.029 Phycita roborella<BR>2016-08-10<BR>lifer]
62.029 Phycita roborella
[62.032 Nephopterix angustella<BR>2017-08-28<BR>lifer]
62.032 Nephopterix angustella
[62.038 Acrobasis consociella<BR>2017-07-04<BR>lifer]
62.038 Acrobasis consociella
[62.042 Myelois circumvoluta<BR>Thistle Ermine 2016-07-26*<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2007]
62.042 Myelois circumvoluta
Thistle Ermine 2016-07-26*
first seen Bedfordshire 2007
[62.054 Homoeosoma sinuella<BR>2016-06-22<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2006]
62.054 Homoeosoma sinuella
first seen Bedfordshire 2006
[62.058 Phycitodes binaevella<BR>2016-07-10<BR>lifer]
62.058 Phycitodes binaevella
[62.062 Plodia interpunctella<BR>Indian Meal Moth 2018-12-01<BR>lifer]
62.062 Plodia interpunctella
Indian Meal Moth 2018-12-01
[62.072 Pyralis farinalis<BR>Meal Moth 2016-09-07<BR>first seen Spain 2011]
62.072 Pyralis farinalis
Meal Moth 2016-09-07
first seen Spain 2011
[63.014 Sitochroa palealis<BR>2018-07-08<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2007]
63.014 Sitochroa palealis
first seen Bedfordshire 2007
[63.015 Sitochroa verticalis<BR>2016-07-29<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2006]
63.015 Sitochroa verticalis
first seen Bedfordshire 2006
[63.020 Anania perlucidalis<BR>2017-06-16<BR>lifer]
63.020 Anania perlucidalis
[63.028 Ostrinia nubilalis<BR>European Corn Borer 2016-07-19<BR>first seen Hungary 2010]
63.028 Ostrinia nubilalis
European Corn Borer 2016-07-19
first seen Hungary 2010
[63.031 Udea ferrugalis<BR>Rusty Dot Pearl 2016-07-08*<BR>first seen Greece 2011]
63.031 Udea ferrugalis
Rusty Dot Pearl 2016-07-08*
first seen Greece 2011
[63.054 Cydalima perspectalis<BR>Boxworm 2018-09-10<BR>first seen France 2017]
63.054 Cydalima perspectalis
Boxworm 2018-09-10
first seen France 2017
[63.069 Eudonia angustea<BR>2015-10-02<BR>lifer]
63.069 Eudonia angustea
[63.075 Eudonia pallida<BR>2017-06-18<BR>lifer]
63.075 Eudonia pallida
[63.099 Catoptria pinella<BR>2017-06-26<BR>lifer]
63.099 Catoptria pinella
[63.102 Catoptria falsella<BR>2016-07-20<BR>lifer]
63.102 Catoptria falsella
[63.114 Elophila nymphaeata<BR>Brown China-mark 2017-08-26<BR>first seen Hertfordshire 2004]
63.114 Elophila nymphaeata
Brown China-mark 2017-08-26
first seen Hertfordshire 2004
[63.116 Cataclysta lemnata<BR>Small China Mark 2017-06-21*<BR>first seen Bdefordshire 2003]
63.116 Cataclysta lemnata
Small China Mark 2017-06-21*
first seen Bdefordshire 2003
[63.118 Nymphula nitidulata<BR>Beautiful China Mark 2017-07-06<BR>first seen Sweden 2015]
63.118 Nymphula nitidulata
Beautiful China Mark 2017-07-06
first seen Sweden 2015
[63.121 Donacaula forficella<BR>2017-06-16<BR>lifer]
63.121 Donacaula forficella

[3.005 Hepialus humuli<BR>Ghost Moth 2016-07-17<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2012]
3.005 Hepialus humuli
Ghost Moth 2016-07-17
first seen Bedfordshire 2012
[50.002 Zeuzera pyrina<BR>Leopard Moth 2017-06-18<BR>first seen Spain 2011-07-08]
50.002 Zeuzera pyrina
Leopard Moth 2017-06-18
first seen Spain 2011-07-08
[65.001 Falcaria lacertinaria<BR>Scalloped Hook-tip 2016-07-29<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2006]
65.001 Falcaria lacertinaria
Scalloped Hook-tip 2016-07-29
first seen Bedfordshire 2006
[65.002 Watsonalla binaria<BR>Oak Hook-tip 2017-09-20<BR>first seen Dorset 2010]
65.002 Watsonalla binaria
Oak Hook-tip 2017-09-20
first seen Dorset 2010
[65.011 Tethea or<BR>Poplar Lutestring 2016-06-07<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2013]
65.011 Tethea or
Poplar Lutestring 2016-06-07
first seen Bedfordshire 2013
[66.001 Poecilocampa populi<BR>December Moth 2016-11-15<BR>lifer]
66.001 Poecilocampa populi
December Moth 2016-11-15
[68.001 Saturnia pavonia<BR>Emperor Moth 2018-05-01<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2009]
68.001 Saturnia pavonia
Emperor Moth 2018-05-01
first seen Bedfordshire 2009
[70.045 Scotopteryx chenopodiata<BR>Shaded Broad-bar 2018-07-08<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2004]
70.045 Scotopteryx chenopodiata
Shaded Broad-bar 2018-07-08
first seen Bedfordshire 2004
[70.053 Xanthorhoe designata<BR>Flame Carpet 2017-05-24<BR>first seen Sussex 2013]
70.053 Xanthorhoe designata
Flame Carpet 2017-05-24
first seen Sussex 2013
[70.055 Xanthorhoe quadrifasiata<BR>Large Twin-spot Carpet 2017-07-08<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2012]
70.055 Xanthorhoe quadrifasiata
Large Twin-spot Carpet 2017-07-08
first seen Bedfordshire 2012
[70.066 Earophila badiata<BR>Shoulder Stripe 2019-03-30<BR>first seen Norfolk 2015]
70.066 Earophila badiata
Shoulder Stripe 2019-03-30
first seen Norfolk 2015
[70.067 Anticlea derivata<BR>Streamer 2016-05-05<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2010]
70.067 Anticlea derivata
Streamer 2016-05-05
first seen Bedfordshire 2010
[70.070 Larentia clavaria<BR>Mallow 2015-10-02<BR>lifer]
70.070 Larentia clavaria
Mallow 2015-10-02
[70.081 Thera obeliscata<BR>Grey Pine Carpet 2017-04-20<BR>first seen Highland 2009]
70.081 Thera obeliscata
Grey Pine Carpet 2017-04-20
first seen Highland 2009
[70.092 Eulithis mellinata<BR>The Spinach 2019-06-09<BR>lifer]
70.092 Eulithis mellinata
The Spinach 2019-06-09
[70.093 Gandaritis pyraliata<BR>Barred Straw 2017-06-18<BR>first seen Highland 2009]
70.093 Gandaritis pyraliata
Barred Straw 2017-06-18
first seen Highland 2009
[70.094 Ecliptopera silaceata<BR>Small Phoenix 2016-04-21<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2009]
70.094 Ecliptopera silaceata
Small Phoenix 2016-04-21
first seen Bedfordshire 2009
[70.121 Hydria undulata<BR>Scallop Shell 2018-07-01<BR>first seen bedfordshire 2014]
70.121 Hydria undulata
Scallop Shell 2018-07-01
first seen bedfordshire 2014
[70.138 Perizoma flavofasciata<BR>Sandy Carpet 2016-07-13*<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2014]
70.138 Perizoma flavofasciata
Sandy Carpet 2016-07-13*
first seen Bedfordshire 2014
[70.150 Eupithecia linariata<BR>Toadflax Pug 2016-07-15<BR>first seen Bulgaria 2012]
70.150 Eupithecia linariata
Toadflax Pug 2016-07-15
first seen Bulgaria 2012
[70.151 Eupithecia pulchellata<BR>Foxglove Pug 2016-05-05<BR>first seen Gwynedd 2014]
70.151 Eupithecia pulchellata
Foxglove Pug 2016-05-05
first seen Gwynedd 2014
[70.156 Eupithecia abbreviata<BR>Brindled Pug 2016-05-07<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2009]
70.156 Eupithecia abbreviata
Brindled Pug 2016-05-07
first seen Bedfordshire 2009
[70.157 Eupithecia dodoneata<BR>Oak-tree Pug 2017-05-11<BR>lifer]
70.157 Eupithecia dodoneata
Oak-tree Pug 2017-05-11
[70.186 Eupithecia millefoliata<BR>Yarrow Pug 2016-07-29<BR>lifer]
70.186 Eupithecia millefoliata
Yarrow Pug 2016-07-29
[70.192 Aplocera plagiata<BR>Treble-bar 2017-09-17<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2005]
70.192 Aplocera plagiata
Treble-bar 2017-09-17
first seen Bedfordshire 2005
[70.205 Abraxas grossulariata<BR>Magpie Moth 2016-06-18<BR>first seen Highland 2009]
70.205 Abraxas grossulariata
Magpie Moth 2016-06-18
first seen Highland 2009
[70.211 Macaria notata<BR>Peacock Moth 2018-08-06<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2009]
70.211 Macaria notata
Peacock Moth 2018-08-06
first seen Bedfordshire 2009
[70.214 Macaria liturata<BR>Tawny-barred Angle 2018-08-06<BR>first seen Italy 2013]
70.214 Macaria liturata
Tawny-barred Angle 2018-08-06
first seen Italy 2013
[70.222 Petrophora chlorosata<BR>Brown Silver-line 2018-06-01<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2004]
70.222 Petrophora chlorosata
Brown Silver-line 2018-06-01
first seen Bedfordshire 2004
[70.231 Apeira syringaria<BR>Lilac Beauty 2017-06-23<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2011]
70.231 Apeira syringaria
Lilac Beauty 2017-06-23
first seen Bedfordshire 2011
[70.234 Ennomos alniaria<BR>Canary-shouldered Thorn 2016-08-06<BR>first seen Dorset 2010]
70.234 Ennomos alniaria
Canary-shouldered Thorn 2016-08-06
first seen Dorset 2010
[70.235 Ennomos fuscantaria<BR>Dusky Thorn 2016-07-29<BR>first seen Devon 2015]
70.235 Ennomos fuscantaria
Dusky Thorn 2016-07-29
first seen Devon 2015
[70.239 Selenia tetralunaria<BR>Purple Thorn 2017-03-30<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2009]
70.239 Selenia tetralunaria
Purple Thorn 2017-03-30
first seen Bedfordshire 2009
[70.251 Biston strataria<BR>Oak Beauty 2017-03-23<BR>lifer]
70.251 Biston strataria
Oak Beauty 2017-03-23
[70.278 Cabera exanthemata<BR>Common Wave 2016-08-31<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2005]
70.278 Cabera exanthemata
Common Wave 2016-08-31
first seen Bedfordshire 2005
[71.003 Cerura vinula<BR>Puss Moth 2016-05-09<BR>lifer]
71.003 Cerura vinula
Puss Moth 2016-05-09
[71.007 Furcula bifida<BR>Poplar Kitten 2019-05-19<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2013]
71.007 Furcula bifida
Poplar Kitten 2019-05-19
first seen Bedfordshire 2013
[71.013 Notodonta ziczac<BR>Pebble Prominent 2016-05-09<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2011]
71.013 Notodonta ziczac
Pebble Prominent 2016-05-09
first seen Bedfordshire 2011
[71.018 Pheosia gnoma<BR>Lesser Swallow Prominent 2018-05-08*<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2004]
71.018 Pheosia gnoma
Lesser Swallow Prominent 2018-05-08*
first seen Bedfordshire 2004
[71.021 Ptilodon capucina<BR>Coxcomb Prominent 2016-06-09<BR>first seen Highland 2009]
71.021 Ptilodon capucina
Coxcomb Prominent 2016-06-09
first seen Highland 2009
[71.027 Clostera curtula<BR>Chocolate-tip 2016-05-07<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2010]
71.027 Clostera curtula
Chocolate-tip 2016-05-07
first seen Bedfordshire 2010
[72.004 Hypena rostralis<BR>Buttoned Snout 2016-06-09<BR>lifer]
72.004 Hypena rostralis
Buttoned Snout 2016-06-09
[72.012 Euproctis chrysorrhoea<BR>Brown-tail 2016-07-17<BR>lifer as adult]
72.012 Euproctis chrysorrhoea
Brown-tail 2016-07-17
lifer as adult
[72.029 Callimorpha dominula<BR>Scarlet Tiger larva 2016-04-22<BR>adult 2016-07-19<BR>first seen Spain 2011]
72.029 Callimorpha dominula
Scarlet Tiger larva 2016-04-22
adult 2016-07-19
first seen Spain 2011
[72.030 Euplagia quadripunctaria<BR>Jersey Tiger 2016-07-19<BR>first seen Spain 2011]
72.030 Euplagia quadripunctaria
Jersey Tiger 2016-07-19
first seen Spain 2011
[72.042 Atolmis rubricollis<BR>Red-necked Footman 2017-06-18<BR>first seen Italy 2013-07-01]
72.042 Atolmis rubricollis
Red-necked Footman 2017-06-18
first seen Italy 2013-07-01
[72.043 Eilema depressa<BR>Buff Footman 2017-06-23<BR>first seen Dorset 2010]
72.043 Eilema depressa
Buff Footman 2017-06-23
first seen Dorset 2010
[72.049 Eilema sororcula<BR>Orange Footman 2016-06-09<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2009]
72.049 Eilema sororcula
Orange Footman 2016-06-09
first seen Bedfordshire 2009
[72.069 Laspeyria flexula<BR>Beautiful Hook-tip 2015-10-02<BR>first seen Slovakia 2010]
72.069 Laspeyria flexula
Beautiful Hook-tip 2015-10-02
first seen Slovakia 2010
[72.078 Catocala nupta<BR>Red Underwing 2018-08-26<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2008]
72.078 Catocala nupta
Red Underwing 2018-08-26
first seen Bedfordshire 2008
[73.022Plusia festucae<BR>Gold Spot 2018-08-03<BR>first seen Scotland 2009]
73.022Plusia festucae
Gold Spot 2018-08-03
first seen Scotland 2009
[73.024 Deltote pygarga<BR>Marbled White Spot 2017-06-11*<BR>first seen UK 2007]
73.024 Deltote pygarga
Marbled White Spot 2017-06-11*
first seen UK 2007
[73.036 Acronicta(Jocheaera) alni<BR>Alder Moth 2018-05-28<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2013]
73.036 Acronicta(Jocheaera) alni
Alder Moth 2018-05-28
first seen Bedfordshire 2013
[73.047 Craniophora ligustri<BR>Coronet 2017-07-01<BR>first seen Spain 2011]
73.047 Craniophora ligustri
Coronet 2017-07-01
first seen Spain 2011
[73.065 Asteroscopus sphinx<BR>Sprawler 2016-12-09<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2009]
73.065 Asteroscopus sphinx
Sprawler 2016-12-09
first seen Bedfordshire 2009
[73.076 Helicoverpa armigera<BR>Scarce Bordered Straw 2017-08-28<BR>first seen Spain 2011]
73.076 Helicoverpa armigera
Scarce Bordered Straw 2017-08-28
first seen Spain 2011
[73.082 Cryphia(Euthales) algae<BR>Tree-lichen Beauty 2018-07-22<BR>first seen France 2013]
73.082 Cryphia(Euthales) algae
Tree-lichen Beauty 2018-07-22
first seen France 2013
[73.087 Spodoptera exigua<BR>Small Mottled Willow 2019-02-16<BR>first seen Spain 2012]
73.087 Spodoptera exigua
Small Mottled Willow 2019-02-16
first seen Spain 2012
[73.100 Chilodes maritima<BR>Silky Wainscot 2016-07-19<BR>lifer]
73.100 Chilodes maritima
Silky Wainscot 2016-07-19
[73.121 Gortyna flavago<BR>Frosted Orange 2016-08-23<BR>lifer]
73.121 Gortyna flavago
Frosted Orange 2016-08-23
[73.123 Hydraecia micacea<BR>Rosy Rustic 2016-07-19<BR>first seen Spain 2011]
73.123 Hydraecia micacea
Rosy Rustic 2016-07-19
first seen Spain 2011
[73.134 Rhizedra lutosa<BR>Large Wainscot 2017-10-26<BR>lifer]
73.134 Rhizedra lutosa
Large Wainscot 2017-10-26
[73.136 Nonagria typhae<BR>Bulrush Wainscot 2017/08/26<BR>lifer]
73.136 Nonagria typhae
Bulrush Wainscot 2017/08/26
[73.137 Arenostola phragmitidis<BR>Fen Wainscot 2016-07-19<BR>lifer]
73.137 Arenostola phragmitidis
Fen Wainscot 2016-07-19
[73.139 Lenisa geminipuncta<BR>Twin-spotted Wainscot 2016-08-06<BR>lifer]
73.139 Lenisa geminipuncta
Twin-spotted Wainscot 2016-08-06
[73.145 Photedes fluxa<BR>Mere Wainscot 2016-07-19<BR>lifer]
73.145 Photedes fluxa
Mere Wainscot 2016-07-19
[73.151 Globia sparganii<BR>Webb's Wainscot 2016-08-23<BR>lifer]
73.151 Globia sparganii
Webb's Wainscot 2016-08-23
[73.160 Apamea scolopacina<BR>Slender Brindle 2018-07-19<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2014]
73.160 Apamea scolopacina
Slender Brindle 2018-07-19
first seen Bedfordshire 2014
[73.175 Oligia versicolor<BR>Rufous Minor 2018-07-15<BR>first seen UK 2017]
73.175 Oligia versicolor
Rufous Minor 2018-07-15
first seen UK 2017
[73.186 Agrochola lychnidis<BR>Beaded Chestnut 2016-09-24<BR>lifer]
73.186 Agrochola lychnidis
Beaded Chestnut 2016-09-24
[73.202 Lithophane ornitopus<BR>Grey Shoulder-knot 2018-04-01<BR>lifer]
73.202 Lithophane ornitopus
Grey Shoulder-knot 2018-04-01
[73.213 Ipimorpha subtusa<BR>Olive 2017-07-15<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2012]
73.213 Ipimorpha subtusa
Olive 2017-07-15
first seen Bedfordshire 2012
[73.215 Cosmia(Ulmia) affinis<BR>Lesser-spotted Pinion 2018-07-24<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2009]
73.215 Cosmia(Ulmia) affinis
Lesser-spotted Pinion 2018-07-24
first seen Bedfordshire 2009
[73.231 Aporophyla(Phylapora) lutulenta<BR>Deep-brown Dart 2016-09-24<BR>lifer]
73.231 Aporophyla(Phylapora) lutulenta
Deep-brown Dart 2016-09-24
[73.241 Panolis flammea<BR>Pine Beauty 2019-04-22<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2009]
73.241 Panolis flammea
Pine Beauty 2019-04-22
first seen Bedfordshire 2009
[73.243 Orthosia(Monima) miniosa<BR>Blossom Underwing 2017-03-30<BR>lifer]
73.243 Orthosia(Monima) miniosa
Blossom Underwing 2017-03-30
[73.247 Orthosia(Cororthosia) gracilis<BR>Powdered Quaker 2016-05-07<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2009]
73.247 Orthosia(Cororthosia) gracilis
Powdered Quaker 2016-05-07
first seen Bedfordshire 2009
[73.250 Anorthoa munda<BR>Twin-spotted Quaker 2017-03-15<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2006]
73.250 Anorthoa munda
Twin-spotted Quaker 2017-03-15
first seen Bedfordshire 2006
[73.294 Mythimna straminea<BR>Southern Wainscot 2016-07-26<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 2014]
73.294 Mythimna straminea
Southern Wainscot 2016-07-26
first seen Bedfordshire 2014
[73.297 Mythimna(Hyphilare) albipuncta<BR>White-point 2018-08-26<BR>lifer]
73.297 Mythimna(Hyphilare) albipuncta
White-point 2018-08-26
[73.301 Mythimna(Leucania) comma<BR>Shoulder-striped Wainscot 2019-06-25<BR>first seen Italy 2013]
73.301 Mythimna(Leucania) comma
Shoulder-striped Wainscot 2019-06-25
first seen Italy 2013
[73.302 Leucania obsoleta<BR>Obscure Wainscot 2017-05-31<BR>lifer]
73.302 Leucania obsoleta
Obscure Wainscot 2017-05-31
[73.327 Agrotis ipsilon<BR>Dark Sword-grass 2017-07-13<BR>first seen Spain 2012]
73.327 Agrotis ipsilon
Dark Sword-grass 2017-07-13
first seen Spain 2012
[73.346 Noctua interjecta<BR>Least Yellow Underwing 2016-07-29<BR>first seen France 2013]
73.346 Noctua interjecta
Least Yellow Underwing 2016-07-29
first seen France 2013
[73.358 Xestia sexstrigata<BR>Six-striped Rustic 2016-08-31<BR>first seen France 2013]
73.358 Xestia sexstrigata
Six-striped Rustic 2016-08-31
first seen France 2013
[74.007 Bena bicolorana<BR>Scarce Silver-lines 2016-07-19<BR>first seen Bedfordshire 201l]
74.007 Bena bicolorana
Scarce Silver-lines 2016-07-19
first seen Bedfordshire 201l
[74.011 Earias clorana<BR>Cream-bordered Green Pea 2016-06-09<BR>lifer]
74.011 Earias clorana
Cream-bordered Green Pea 2016-06-09

* image not from our garden

409 species excluding aggregates

Moths taken at light(389)

2 Eriocraniidae(1)
2.001 BF6Dyseriocrania subpurpurella
3 Hepialidae(3)
3.001 BF15Triodia sylvinaOrange Swift
3.002 BF17Korscheltellus lupulinaCommon Swift
3.005 BF14Hepialus humuliGhost Moth
12 Tineidae(1)
12.039 BF230Monopis crocicapitellaBird Nest Moth
15 Gracillariidae(1)
15.012 BF290Caloptilia semifascia
16 Yponomeutidae(1)
16.001 BF424Yponomeuta evonymellaBird-cherry Ermine
17 Ypsolophidae(1)
17.005 BF455Ypsolopha scabrella
18 Plutellidae(2)
18.001 BF464Plutella xylostellaDiamond-back Moth
18.003 BF465Plutella(Pseudoplutella) porrectellaDame's Violet Moth
20 Argyresthiidae(2)
20.005 BF409aArgyresthia(Blastotere) trifasciata
20.012 BF411Argyresthia goedartellaBronze Alder Moth
25 Scythropiidae(1)
25.001 BF450Scythropia crataegellaHawthorn Moth
27 Autostichidae(1)
27.001 BF870Oegoconia quadripunctaFour-spotted Yellowneck Moth
28 Oecophoridae(5)
28.009 BF648Endrosis sarcitrellaWhite-shouldered House-moth28.014 BF642Crassa unitella28.019 BF649Esperia sulphurellaSulphur Esperia Moth
28.010 BF647Hofmannophila pseudospretellaBrown House Moth28.015 BF640Batia lunarisBatia Moth
29 Chimabachidae(1)
29.001 BF663Diurnea fagellaMarch Tubic
31 Peleopodidae(1)
31.001 BF658Carcina quercanaOak Skeletonizer Moth
32 Depressariidae(1)
32.031 BF695Agonopterix alstromeriana
34 Cosmopterigidae(1)
34.004 BF898Limnaecia phragmitella
35 Gelechiidae(7)
35.033 BF808Platyedra subcinerea35.047 BF779Bryotropha affinis35.123 BF819Scrobipalpa costella
35.038 BF789Bryotropha domestica35.071 BF736Monochroa lucidella
35.040 BF787Bryotropha terrella35.099 BF801aGelechia senticetella
40 Momphidae(3)
40.006 BF890Mompha jurassicella
40.008 BF892Mompha subbistrigella
40.010 BF893Mompha epilobiella
41 Blastobasidae(2)
41.002 BF873Blastobasis adustella
41.003 BF874Blastobasis lacticolella
44 Alucitidae(1)
44.001 BF1288Alucita hexadactylaTwenty-plume Moth
45 Pterophoridae(4)
45.010 BF1497Amblyptilia acanthadactylaBeautiful Plume45.030 BF1513Pterophorus pentadactylaWhite Plume Moth
45.023 BF1495Marasmarcha lunaedactylaCrescent Plume45.044 BF1524Emmelina monodactylaCommon Plume
49 Tortricidae(55)
49.004 BF1010Ditula angustioranaRed-barred Tortrix49.092 BF921Phtheochroa inopiana49.240 BF1136Epinotia immundana
49.013 BF977Archips podanaLarge Fruit-tree Tortrix49.095 BF925Phtheochroa rugosana49.249 BF1134Epinotia ramella
49.020 BF974Argyrotaenia ljungiana49.097 BF936Cochylimorpha straminea49.253 BF1143Epinotia fraternana
49.024 BF969Pandemis corylanaChequered Fruit-tree Tortrix49.109 BF937Agapeta hamana49.254 BF1133Epinotia bilunana
49.025 BF970Pandemis cerasanaBarred Fruit-tree Tortrix49.120 BF947Aethes smeathmanniana49.265 BF1201Eucosma cana
49.028 BF986Syndemis musculana49.133 BF968Cochylis nana49.266 BF1200Eucosma hohenwartiana
49.030 BF985Cacoecimorpha pronubanaCarnation Tortrix49.136 BF965Cochylis hybridella49.269 BF1197Eucosma campoliliana
49.031 BF989Aphelia(Zelotherses) paleanaTimothy Tortrix49.137 BF964Cochylis dubitana49.279 BF1169Gypsonoma dealbana
49.037 BF993Clepsis spectranaCyclamen Tortrix49.138 BF964aCochylis molliculana49.288 BF1183Epiblema foenella
49.038 BF994Clepsis consimilana49.155 BF1086Hedya salicella49.292 BF1174Notocelia cynosbatella
49.039 BF998Epiphyas postvittanaLight Brown Apple Moth49.156 BF1083Hedya nubiferanaMarbled Orchard Tortrix49.307 BF1212Rhyacionia pinivoranaSpotted Shoot Moth
49.040 BF1001Lozotaeniodes formosana49.157 BF1082Hedya prunianaPlum Tortrix49.315 BF1281Dichrorampha simpliciana
49.051 BF1021Cnephasia asseclanaFlax Tortrix49.161 BF1063Celypha striana49.320 BF1274Dichrorampha alpinana
49.059 BF1033Tortrix viridanaGreen Oak Tortrix49.166 BF1076Celypha lacunana49.338 BF1261Cydia pomonellaCodling Moth
49.060 BF1032Aleimma loeflingiana49.184 BF1106Lobesia reliquana49.359 BF1245Grapholita(Aspila) janthinana
49.062 BF1036Acleris forsskaleana49.200 BF1216Enarmonia formosanaCherry Bark Tortrix49.367 BF1236Pammene fasciana
49.070 BF1042Acleris rhombanaRhomboid Tortrix49.215 BF1115Ancylis achatana49.375 BF1234Pammene regiana
49.077 BF1048Acleris varieganaGarden Rose Tortrix49.223 BF1159Rhopobota naevanaHolly Tortrix
49.091 BF1011Pseudargyrotoza conwagana49.224 BF1205Spilonota ocellanaBud Moth
50 Cossidae(1)
50.002 BF161Zeuzera pyrinaLeopard Moth
62 Pyralidae(18)
62.001 BF1428Aphomia sociellaBee Moth62.035 BF1439Acrobasis advenella62.065 BF1474Ephestia woodiella
62.006 BF1425Galleria mellonellaWax Moth62.038 BF1437Acrobasis consociella62.072 BF1417Pyralis farinalisMeal Moth
62.0151Delplanqueia inscriptella62.042 BF1458Myelois circumvolutaThistle Ermine62.074 BF1421Aglossa pinguinalisLarge Tabby
62.028 BF1454Dioryctria abietella62.048 BF1470Euzophera pinguis62.075 BF1413Hypsopygia costalisGold Triangle
62.029 BF1452Phycita roborella62.054 BF1481Homoeosoma sinuella62.076 BF1415Hypsopygia(Ocrasa) glaucinalis
62.032 BF1465Nephopterix angustella62.058 BF1483Phycitodes binaevella62.077 BF1424Endotricha flammealis
63 Crambidae(31)
63.006 BF1361Pyrausta aurata63.057 BF1356Evergestis forficalisGarden Pebble63.095 BF1309Agriphila geniculeaElbow-striped Grass-veneer
63.007 BF1362Pyrausta purpuralis63.064 BF1334Scoparia ambigualis63.099 BF1313Catoptria pinellaPearl Grass-veneer
63.015 BF1371Sitochroa verticalis63.069 BF1342Eudonia angustea63.102 BF1316Catoptria falsellaChequered Grass-veneer
63.018 BF1378Anania coronataCrowned Phlyctaenia Moth63.074 BF1344Eudonia mercurella63.114 BF1345Elophila nymphaeataBrown China-mark
63.020 BF1380Anania perlucidalis63.075 BF1336Eudonia pallida63.115 BF1331Acentria ephemerellaWater Veneer
63.025 BF1376Anania hortulataSmall Magpie63.080 BF1293Chrysoteuchia culmellaGarden Grass-veneer63.116 BF1354Cataclysta lemnataSmall China-mark
63.028 BF1375Ostrinia nubilalisEuropean Corn Borer63.081 BF1294Crambus pascuellaInlaid Grass-veneer63.117 BF1348Parapoynx stratiotataRinged China-mark
63.031 BF1395Udea ferrugalisRusty Dot Pearl63.086 BF1301Crambus lathoniellusHook-streak Grass-veneer63.118 BF1350Nymphula nitidulataBeautiful China-mark
63.037 BF1392Udea olivalis63.089 BF1305Agriphila tristellaCommon Grass-veneer63.121 BF1329Donacaula forficellaPale Water-veneer
63.038 BF1405Pleuroptya ruralisMother of Pearl63.090 BF1306Agriphila inquinatellaBarred Grass-veneer
63.052 BF1398Nomophila noctuellaRush Veneer63.093 BF1304Agriphila straminellaStraw Grass-veneer
65 Drepanidae(7)
65.001 BF1645Falcaria lacertinariaScalloped Hook-tip65.007 BF1651Cilix glaucataChinese Character65.011 BF1655Tethea orPoplar Lutestring
65.002 BF1646Watsonalla binariaOak Hook-tip65.009 BF1653Habrosyne pyritoidesBuff Arches
65.005 BF1648Drepana falcatariaPebble Hook-tip65.010 BF1654Tethea ocularis octogesimeaFigure of Eighty
66 Lasiocampidae(2)
66.001 BF1631Poecilocampa populiDecember Moth
66.003 BF1634Malacosoma(Trichodia) neustriaLackey
68 Saturniidae(1)
68.001 BF1643Saturnia(Eudia) pavoniaEmperor Moth
69 Sphingidae(6)
69.001 BF1979Mimas tiliaeLime Hawkmoth69.006 BF1976Sphinx ligustriPrivet Hawkmoth69.016 BF1991Deilephila elpenorElephant Hawkmoth
69.003 BF1981Laothoe populiPoplar Hawkmoth69.007 BF1978Sphinx pinastriPine Hawkmoth69.017 BF1992Deilephila porcellusSmall Elephant Hawkmoth
70 Geometridae(75)
70.004 BF1699Idaea rusticataLeast Carpet70.097 BF1764Dysstroma truncataCommon Marbled Carpet70.222 BF1902Petrophora chlorosataBrown Silver-line
70.006 BF1705Idaea fuscovenosaDwarf Cream Wave70.100 BF1776Colostygia pectinatariaGreen Carpet70.226 BF1906Opisthograptis luteolataBrimstone Moth
70.008 BF1707Idaea seriataSmall Dusty Wave70.106 BF1799Operophtera brumataWinter Moth70.231 BF1910Apeira syringariaLilac Beauty
70.011 BF1708Idaea dimidiataSingle-dotted Wave70.107 BF1795Epirrita dilutataNovember Moth70.234 BF1913Ennomos alniariaCanary-shouldered Thorn
70.012 BF1711Idaea trigeminataTreble Brown Spot70.107x BF1795xEpirrita dilutata agg.November Moth agg.70.235 BF1914Ennomos fuscantariaDusky Thorn
70.016 BF1713Idaea aversataRiband Wave70.119 BF1792Philereme transversataDark Umber70.239 BF1919Selenia tetralunariaPurple Thorn
70.024 BF1690Scopula(Calothysanis) imitariaSmall Blood-vein70.137 BF1807Perizoma albulataGrass Rivulet70.241 BF1921Crocallis elinguariaScalloped Oak
70.029 BF1682Timandra comaeBlood-vein70.141 BF1862Gymnoscelis rufifasciataDouble-striped Pug70.243 BF1922Ourapteryx sambucariaSwallow-tailed Moth
70.036 BF1680Cyclophora(Codonia) punctariaMaiden's Blush70.144 BF1860Pasiphila rectangulataGreen Pug70.244 BF1923Colotois pennariaFeathered Thorn
70.049 BF1728Xanthorhoe fluctuataGarden Carpet70.148 BF1812Eupithecia inturbataMaple Pug70.245 BF1663Alsophila aesculariaMarch Moth
70.051 BF1724Xanthorhoe spadiceariaRed Twin-spot Carpet70.150 BF1816Eupithecia linariataToadflax Pug70.247 BF1926Phigalia pilosariaPale Brindled Beauty
70.053 BF1722Xanthorhoe designataFlame Carpet70.151 BF1817Eupithecia pulchellataFoxglove Pug70.248 BF1927Lycia hirtariaBrindled Beauty
70.054 BF1727Xanthorhoe montanataSilver-ground Carpet70.156 BF1852Eupithecia abbreviataBrindled Pug70.251 BF1930Biston stratariaOak Beauty
70.055 BF1726Xanthorhoe quadrifasiataLarge Twin-spot Carpet70.157 BF1853Eupithecia dodoneataOak-tree Pug70.252 BF1931Biston betulariaPeppered Moth
70.059 BF1742Camptogramma bilineataYellow Shell70.173 BF1825Eupithecia centaureataLime-speck Pug70.255 BF1934Agriopis marginariaDotted Border
70.061 BF1738Epirrhoe alternataCommon Carpet70.176 BF1827Eupithecia intricataFreyer's Pug70.256 BF1935Erannis defoliariaMottled Umber
70.067 BF1747Anticlea derivataStreamer70.183 BF1834Eupithecia vulgataCommon Pug70.258 BF1937Peribatodes rhomboidariaWillow Beauty
70.070 BF1745Larentia clavariaMallow70.184 BF1819Eupithecia exiguataMottled Pug70.265 BF1941Alcis repandataMottled Beauty
70.074 BF1777Hydriomena furcataJuly Highflyer70.186 BF1841Eupithecia millefoliataYarrow Pug70.277 BF1955Cabera pusariaCommon White Wave
70.075 BF1778Hydriomena impluviataMay Highflyer70.187 BF1838Eupithecia icterataTawny Speckled Pug70.278 BF1956Cabera exanthemataCommon Wave
70.079 BF1769Thera britannicaSpruce Carpet70.188 BF1839Eupithecia succenturiataBordered Pug70.280 BF1958Lomographa temerataClouded Silver
70.081 BF1768Thera obeliscataGrey Pine Carpet70.192 BF1867Aplocera plagiataTreble-bar70.283 BF1961Campaea margaritariaLight Emerald
70.085 BF1765Cidaria fulvataBarred Yellow70.200 BF1883Acasis viretataYellow-barred Brindle70.302 BF1673Hemistola chrysoprasariaSmall Emerald
70.093 BF1758Gandaritis pyraliataBarred Straw70.205 BF1884Abraxas grossulariataMagpie Moth70.305 BF1669Hemithea aestivariaCommon Emerald
70.094 BF1759Ecliptopera silaceataSmall Phoenix70.207 BF1887Lomaspilis marginataClouded Border
70.095 BF1760Chloroclysta siterataRed-green Carpet70.218 BF1894Chiasmia clathrataLatticed Heath
71 Notodontidae(12)
71.003 BF1995Cerura vinulaPuss Moth71.013 BF2003Notodonta ziczacPebble Prominent71.021 BF2008Ptilodon capucinaCoxcomb Prominent
71.005 BF1997Furcula furculaSallow Kitten71.017 BF2007Pheosia tremulaSwallow Prominent71.022 BF2009Ptilodon cucullinaMaple Prominent
71.011 BF2015Drymonia ruficornisLunar Marbled Brown71.018 BF2006Pheosia gnomaLesser Swallow Prominent71.025 BF1994Phalera bucephalaBuff-tip
71.012 BF2000Notodonta dromedariusIron Prominent71.020 BF2011Pterostoma palpinaPale Prominent71.027 BF2019Clostera curtulaChocolate-tip
72 Erebidae(24)
72.001 BF2469Scoliopteryx libatrixHerald72.017 BF2026Orgyia antiquaVapourer72.042 BF2039Atolmis rubricollisRed-necked Footman
72.002 BF2474Rivula sericealisStraw Dot72.019 BF2061Spilosoma luteaBuff Ermine72.043 BF2049Eilema depressaBuff Footman
72.003 BF2477Hypena proboscidalisSnout72.020 BF2060Spilosoma lubricipedaWhite Ermine72.044 BF2044Eilema griseolaDingy Footman
72.004 BF2480Hypena rostralisButtoned Snout72.022 BF2063Diaphora mendicaMuslin Moth72.045 BF2050Eilema lurideolaCommon Footman
72.009 BF2031Leucoma salicisWhite Satin Moth72.024 BF2064Phragmatobia fuliginosa fuliginosaRuby Tiger72.046 BF2047Eilema complanaScarce Footman
72.012 BF2029Euproctis chrysorrhoeaBrown-tail72.029 BF2068Callimorpha dominulaScarlet Tiger72.049 BF2043Eilema sororculaOrange Footman
72.013 BF2030Euproctis similisYellow-tail72.030 BF2067Euplagia quadripunctariaJersey Tiger72.053 BF2489Herminia tarsipennalisFan-foot
72.015 BF2028Calliteara pudibundaPale Tussock72.031 BF2069Tyria jacobaeaeThe Cinnabar72.069 BF2473Laspeyria flexulaBeautiful Hook-tip
73 Noctuidae(113)
73.001 BF2450Abrostola tripartitaSpectacle73.139 BF2370Lenisa geminipunctaTwin-spotted Wainscot73.243 BF2183Orthosia(Monima) miniosaBlossom Underwing
73.012 BF2434Diachrysia chrysitisBurnished Brass73.145 BF2349Photedes fluxaMere Wainscot73.244 BF2187Orthosia(Monima) cerasiCommon Quaker
73.015 BF2441Autographa gammaSilver Y73.151 BF2373Globia sparganiiWebb's Wainscot73.245 BF2182Orthosia(Monima) crudaSmall Quaker
73.024 BF2410Deltote(Protodeltote) pygargaMarbled White Spot73.155 BF2327Apamea epomidionClouded Brindle73.247 BF2186Orthosia(Cororthosia) gracilisPowdered Quaker
73.032 BF2425Colocasia coryliNut-tree Tussock73.157 BF2333Apamea ancepsLarge Nutmeg73.249 BF2190Orthosia(Semiophora) gothicaHebrew Character
73.036 BF2281Acronicta(Jocheaera) alniAlder Moth73.158 BF2334Apamea sordensRustic Shoulder-knot73.250 BF2189Anorthoa mundaTwin-spotted Quaker
73.038 BF2284Acronicta(Triaena) psiGrey Dagger73.159 BF2331Apamea unanimisSmall Clouded Brindle73.263 BF2157Lacanobia w-latinumLight Brocade
73.038x BF2284xAcronicta(Triaena) tridens/psi agg.Dark / Grey Dagger73.162 BF2321Apamea monoglyphaDark Arches73.267 BF2160Lacanobia(Diataraxia) oleraceaBright-line Brown-eye
73.039 BF2279Acronicta acerisSycamore73.163 BF2322Apamea lithoxylaeaLight Arches73.270 BF2155Melanchra persicariaeDot Moth
73.040 BF2280Acronicta leporinaMiller73.169 BF2343Mesapamea secalisCommon Rustic73.273 BF2147Hada plebejaShears
73.045 BF2289Acronicta(Viminia) rumicisKnot Grass73.169x BF2343xMesapamea secalis agg.Common Rustic agg.73.274 BF2154Mamestra brassicaeCabbage Moth
73.046 BF2278Subacronicta megacephalaPoplar Grey73.172 BF2341Mesoligia furunculaCloaked Minor73.279 BF2164Hecatera bicolorataBroad-barred White
73.047 BF2291Craniophora ligustriCoronet73.173 BF2337Oligia strigilisMarbled Minor73.280 BF2165Hecatera dysodeaSmall Ranunculus
73.062 BF2297Amphipyra pyramideaCopper Underwing73.173x BF2337xOligia strigilis agg.Marbled Minor agg.73.281 BF2173Hadena bicrurisLychnis
73.064 BF2299Amphipyra tragopoginisMouse Moth73.174 BF2339Oligia latrunculaTawny Marbled Minor73.282 BF2170Hadena comptaVaried Coronet
73.065 BF2227Asteroscopus sphinxSprawler73.176 BF2340Oligia fasciunculaMiddle-barred Minor73.290 BF2192Mythimna conigeraBrown-line Bright-eye
73.068 BF2245Allophyes oxyacanthaeGreen-brindled Crescent73.179 BF2271Tiliacea citragoOrange Sallow73.291 BF2199Mythimna pallensCommon Wainscot
73.069 BF2243Xylocampa areolaEarly Grey73.180 BF2272Tiliacea auragoBarred Sallow73.293 BF2198Mythimna impuraSmoky Wainscot
73.076 BF2400Helicoverpa armigeraScarce Bordered Straw73.182 BF2274Cirrhia icteritiaSallow73.294 BF2197Mythimna stramineaSouthern Wainscot
73.084 BF2293Bryophila domesticaMarbled Beauty73.186 BF2267Agrochola lychnidisBeaded Chestnut73.298 BF2193Mythimna(Hyphilare) ferragoClay
73.092 BF2387Caradrina morpheusMottled Rustic73.189 BF2263Agrochola(Leptologia) lotaRed-line Quaker73.302 BF2204Leucania obsoletaObscure Wainscot
73.095 BF2389Caradrina(Paradrina) clavipalpisPale Mottled Willow73.190 BF2264Agrochola(Leptologia) macilentaYellow-line Quaker73.317 BF2089Agrotis exclamationisHeart and Dart
73.096 BF2381Hoplodrina octogenariaUncertain73.192 BF2262Agrochola(Sunira) circellarisBrick73.319 BF2087Agrotis segetumTurnip Moth
73.096x BF2381xHoplodrina alsines/blanda agg.Uncertain/Rustic73.193 BF2270Omphaloscelis lunosaLunar Underwing73.320 BF2088Agrotis clavisHeart and Club
73.097 BF2382Hoplodrina blandaRustic73.194 BF2258Conistra vacciniiChestnut73.325 BF2092Agrotis puta putaShuttle-shaped Dart
73.099 BF2384Hoplodrina ambiguaVine's Rustic73.195 BF2259Conistra ligulaDark Chestnut73.327 BF2091Agrotis ipsilonDark Sword-grass
73.100 BF2391Chilodes maritimaSilky Wainscot73.200 BF2235Lithophane semibrunneaTawny Pinion73.328 BF2098Axylia putrisFlame
73.101 BF2380Charanyca trigrammicaTreble Lines73.202 BF2237Lithophane ornitopusGrey Shoulder-knot73.329 BF2102Ochropleura plectaFlame Shoulder
73.102 BF2302Rusina ferrugineaBrown Rustic73.206 BF2240Lithophane(Prolitha) leautieri hespericaBlair's Shoulder-knot73.333 BF2120Diarsia mendicaIngrailed Clay
73.107 BF2300Mormo mauraOld Lady73.210 BF2256Eupsilia transversaSatellite73.334 BF2123Diarsia rubiSmall Square-spot
73.109 BF2303Thalpophila maturaStraw Underwing73.213 BF2312Ipimorpha subtusaOlive73.342 BF2107Noctua pronubaLarge Yellow Underwing
73.113 BF2306Phlogophora meticulosaAngle Shades73.216 BF2318Cosmia(Calymnia) trapezinaDun-bar73.343 BF2110Noctua fimbriataBroad-bordered Yellow Underwing
73.120 BF2352Eremobia ochroleucaDusky Sallow73.219 BF2269Atethmia centragoCentre-barred Sallow73.345 BF2109Noctua comesLesser Yellow Underwing
73.121 BF2364Gortyna flavagoFrosted Orange73.224 BF2247Griposia aprilinaMerveille du Jour73.346 BF2112Noctua interjectaLeast Yellow Underwing
73.123 BF2361Hydraecia micaceaRosy Rustic73.225 BF2248Dryobotodes eremitaBrindled Green73.348 BF2111Noctua jantheLesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
73.131 BF2353Luperina testaceaFlounced Rustic73.231 BF2231Aporophyla(Phylapora) lutulentaDeep-brown Dart73.357 BF2134Xestia xanthographaSquare-spot Rustic
73.134 BF2375Rhizedra lutosaLarge Wainscot73.233 BF2232Aporophyla(Phylapora) nigraBlack Rustic73.358 BF2133Xestia sexstrigataSix-striped Rustic
73.136 BF2369Nonagria typhaeBulrush Wainscot73.237 BF2252Polymixis flavicinctaLarge Ranunculus73.359 BF2126Xestia(Megasema) c-nigrumSetaceous Hebrew Character
73.137 BF2377Arenostola phragmitidisFen Wainscot73.242 BF2188Orthosia incertaClouded Drab73.361 BF2128Xestia(Megasema) triangulumDouble Square-spot
74 Nolidae(4)
74.004 BF2078Nola confusalisLeast Black Arches74.008 BF2422Pseudoips prasinanaGreen Silver-lines
74.007 BF2421Bena bicoloranaScarce Silver-lines74.011 BF2418Earias cloranaCream-bordered Green Pea

Moths not at light(64)

7 Adelidae(2)
7.004 BF144Nemophora fasciella
7.010 BF152Cauchas rufimitrella
14 Bucculatricidae(1)
14.002 BF266Bucculatrix nigricomella
15 Gracillariidae(3)
15.006 BF284Caloptilia rufipennella
15.034 BF315Phyllonorycter harrisella
15.053 BF332aPhyllonorycter leucographellaFirethorn Leaf Miner
16 Yponomeutidae(1)
16.001 BF424Yponomeuta evonymellaBird-cherry Ermine
18 Plutellidae(1)
18.001 BF464Plutella xylostellaDiamond-back Moth
19 Glyphipterigidae(2)
19.011 BF473Acrolepiopsis assectellaLeek Moth
19.014 BF476Acrolepia autumnitella
20 Argyresthiidae(1)
20.005 BF409aArgyresthia(Blastotere) trifasciata
28 Oecophoridae(3)
28.009 BF648Endrosis sarcitrellaWhite-shouldered House-moth
28.010 BF647Hofmannophila pseudospretellaBrown House Moth
28.019 BF649Esperia sulphurellaSulphur Esperia Moth
32 Depressariidae(2)
32.017 BF697Agonopterix arenella
32.031 BF695Agonopterix alstromeriana
35 Gelechiidae(2)
35.040 BF787Bryotropha terrella
35.047 BF779Bryotropha affinis
40 Momphidae(3)
40.006 BF890Mompha jurassicella
40.008 BF892Mompha subbistrigella
40.010 BF893Mompha epilobiella
41 Blastobasidae(1)
41.003 BF874Blastobasis lacticolella
44 Alucitidae(1)
44.001 BF1288Alucita hexadactylaTwenty-plume Moth
45 Pterophoridae(2)
45.010 BF1497Amblyptilia acanthadactylaBeautiful Plume
45.044 BF1524Emmelina monodactylaCommon Plume
47 Epermeniidae(1)
47.005 BF483Epermenia(Calotripis) chaerophyllella
48 Choreutidae(1)
48.001 BF385Anthophila fabricianaCommon Nettle-tap
49 Tortricidae(8)
49.020 BF974Argyrotaenia ljungiana49.133 BF968Cochylis nana49.321 BF1273Dichrorampha petiverella
49.039 BF998Epiphyas postvittanaLight Brown Apple Moth49.186 BF1097Endothenia gentianaeana49.322 BF1276Dichrorampha plumbagana
49.120 BF947Aethes smeathmanniana49.200 BF1216Enarmonia formosanaCherry Bark Tortrix
62 Pyralidae(1)
62.001 BF1428Aphomia sociellaBee Moth
63 Crambidae(6)
63.006 BF1361Pyrausta aurata63.038 BF1405Pleuroptya ruralisMother of Pearl63.069 BF1342Eudonia angustea
63.025 BF1376Anania hortulataSmall Magpie63.057 BF1356Evergestis forficalisGarden Pebble63.088 BF1302Crambus perlellaSatin Grass-veneer
69 Sphingidae(1)
69.010 BF1984Macroglossum stellatarumHumming-bird Hawkmoth
70 Geometridae(10)
70.008 BF1707Idaea seriataSmall Dusty Wave70.079 BF1769Thera britannicaSpruce Carpet70.183 BF1834Eupithecia vulgataCommon Pug
70.012 BF1711Idaea trigeminataTreble Brown Spot70.138 BF1808Perizoma flavofasciataSandy Carpet70.184 BF1819Eupithecia exiguataMottled Pug
70.049 BF1728Xanthorhoe fluctuataGarden Carpet70.141 BF1862Gymnoscelis rufifasciataDouble-striped Pug
70.059 BF1742Camptogramma bilineataYellow Shell70.176 BF1827Eupithecia intricataFreyer's Pug
71 Notodontidae(1)
71.003 BF1995Cerura vinulaPuss Moth
72 Erebidae(6)
72.001 BF2469Scoliopteryx libatrixHerald72.017 BF2026Orgyia antiquaVapourer72.031 BF2069Tyria jacobaeaeThe Cinnabar
72.003 BF2477Hypena proboscidalisSnout72.029 BF2068Callimorpha dominulaScarlet Tiger72.053 BF2489Herminia tarsipennalisFan-foot
73 Noctuidae(4)
73.015 BF2441Autographa gammaSilver Y73.163 BF2322Apamea lithoxylaeaLight Arches
73.113 BF2306Phlogophora meticulosaAngle Shades73.279 BF2164Hecatera bicolorataBroad-barred White

Moth larva(15)

32 Depressariidae(1)
32.036 BF672Depressaria radiellaParsnip Moth
70 Geometridae(1)
70.141 BF1862Gymnoscelis rufifasciataDouble-striped Pug
72 Erebidae(5)
72.017 BF2026Orgyia antiquaVapourer72.024 BF2064Phragmatobia fuliginosa fuliginosaRuby Tiger72.045 BF2050Eilema lurideolaCommon Footman
72.019 BF2061Spilosoma luteaBuff Ermine72.029 BF2068Callimorpha dominulaScarlet Tiger
73 Noctuidae(8)
73.001 BF2450Abrostola tripartitaSpectacle73.059 BF2223Calophasia lunulaToadflax Brocade73.342 BF2107Noctua pronubaLarge Yellow Underwing
73.038 BF2284Acronicta(Triaena) psiGrey Dagger73.113 BF2306Phlogophora meticulosaAngle Shades73.345 BF2109Noctua comesLesser Yellow Underwing
73.058 BF2221Cucullia(Shargacucullia) verbasciMullein Shark73.281 BF2173Hadena bicrurisLychnis

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