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Checklist of Protista : protists

Bryopsis plumosaa green alga
Bryopsis sp.
Chara aculeolata Kützing
Chara aspera Deth. ex Willd.Rough Stonewort
Chara baltica Bruz.Baltic Stonewort
Chara braunii GmelinBraun's Stonewort
Chara canescens Desv. & Lois.Bearded Stonewort
Chara connivens Salzm. ex A. BraunConvergent Stonewort
Chara contraria A. Braun ex Kutz.Opposite Stonewort
Chara curta A. Braun ex Kutz.Lesser Bearded Stonewort
Chara delicatula
Chara denudata A. BraunNaked Stonewort
Chara desmacantha
Chara fragifera DurieuStrawberry Stonewort
Chara fragilis
Chara globularis Thuill.Fragile Stonewort
Chara hispidaBristly Stonewort
Chara intermedia A. BraunIntermediate Stonewort
Chara muscosa J. Groves & Bullock-WebsterMossy Stonewort
Chara papillosaChara hispida x contraria
Chara pedunculata KützingHedgehog Stonewort
Chara rudis (A. Braun) Leonh.Rugged Stonewort
Chara sp.
Chara tomentosa LinnaeusCoral Stonewort
Chara virgataDelicate Stonewort
Chara vulgaris LinnaeusCommon Stonewort
Lamprothamnium papulosum (Wallr.) J. GrovesFoxtail Stonewort
Lamprothamnium sp.
Nitella batrachosperma
Nitella capillaris (Krocker) J. Groves & Bullock-WebsterSlimy-Fruited Stonewort
Nitella confervacea (Breb.) A. Braun ex Leonh.Least Stonewort
Nitella flexilis (Linnaeus) AgardhSmooth Stonewort
Nitella gracilis (Smith) AgardhSlender Stonewort
Nitella hyalina (DC.) AgardhMany-Branched Stonewort
Nitella mucronata (A. Braun) MiquelPointed Stonewort
Nitella opaca (Bruz.) Agardh
Nitella sp.
Nitella spanioclema J. Groves & Bullock-WebsterFew-Branched Stonewort
Nitella tenuissima (Desv.) Kutz.Dwarf Stonewort
Nitella translucens (Persoon) AgardhTranslucent Stonewort
Nitellopsis obtusa (Desv.) J. GrovesStarry Stonewort
Nitellopsis sp.
Tolypella glomerata (Desv.) Leonh.Clustered Stonewort
Tolypella intricata (Trent. ex Roth) Leonh.Tassel Stonewort
Tolypella nidifica (O. Müller) Leonh.Bird`s-Nest Stonewort
Tolypella prolifera (Ziz ex A. Braun) Leonh.Great Tassel Stonewort
Tolypella sp.
Cladophora rupestrisa green alga
Cladophora sp.a green alga
Codium fragilea green alga
Codium sp.
Codium tomentosuma green alga
Fuligo septaa fungus
Fuligo septicaDog Vomit slime mould
Fuligo sp.
Enteromorpha compressaa green alga
Enteromorpha intestinalis LinnaeusGutweed
Enteromorpha sp.a green alga
Ulva lactuca LinnaeusSea lettuce
Ulva sp.

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