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List of UK Dragonflies

Aeshna affinisSouthern Migrant Hawker
Aeshna caeruleaAzure Hawker
Aeshna cyaneaSouthern Hawker
Aeshna grandisBrown Hawker
Aeshna isoscelesNorfolk Hawker
Aeshna junceaCommon Hawker
Aeshna mixtaMigrant Hawker
Anax ephippigerVagrant Emperor
Anax imperatorEmperor Dragonfly
Anax juniusCommon Green Darner
Anax parthenopeLesser Emperor
Brachytron pratenseHairy Dragonfly
Gomphus vulgatissimusCommon Club-tailed Dragonfly
Cordulegaster boltoniiGolden-ringed Dragonfly
Cordulia aeneaDowny Emerald
Somatochlora arcticaNorthern Emerald
Somatochlora metallicaBrilliant Emerald
Crocothemis erythraeaScarlet Darter
Leucorrhinia dubiaWhite-faced Darter
Leucorrhinia pectoralisLarge White-faced Darter
Libellula depressaBroad-bodied Chaser
Libellula fulvaScarce Chaser
Libellula quadrimaculataFour-spotted Chaser
Orthetrum cancellatumBlack-tailed Skimmer
Orthetrum coerulescensKeeled Skimmer
Pantala flavescensGlobe Skimmer
Sympetrum danaeBlack Darter
Sympetrum flaveolumYellow-winged Darter
Sympetrum fonscolombiiRed-veined Darter
Sympetrum nigrescensHighland Darter
Sympetrum pedemontanumBanded Darter
Sympetrum sanguineumRuddy Darter
Sympetrum striolatumCommon Darter
Sympetrum vulgatumVagrant Darter
Calopteryx splendensBanded Demoiselle
Calopteryx virgoBeautiful Demoiselle
Ceriagrion tenellumSmall Red Damselfly
Coenagrion hastulatumNorthern Damselfly
Coenagrion lunulatumIrish Damselfly
Coenagrion mercurialeSouthern Damselfly
Coenagrion puellaAzure Damselfly
Coenagrion pulchellumVariable Damselfly
Coenagrion scitulumDainty Damselfly
Enallagma cyathigerumCommon Blue Damselfly
Erythromma najasRed-eyed Damselfly
Erythromma viridulumSmall Red-eyed Damselfly
Ischnura elegansBlue-tailed Damselfly
Ischnura pumilioScarce Blue-tailed Damselfly
Pyrrhosoma nymphulaLarge Red Damselfly
Platycnemis pennipesWhite-legged Damselfly
Lestes barbarusSouthern Emerald Damselfly
Lestes dryasScarce Emerald Damselfly
Lestes sponsaCommon Emerald Damselfly
Lestes viridisWillow Emerald Damselfly
Sympecma fuscaCommon Winter Damselfly
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