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Church of St Mary, Church Road, Everton Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
St Mary, Everton 2002-06-23 Creative Commons License Hugh J Griffiths
Church of St Mary, Church Road, Everton Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
The church has chancel, nave with N and S aisles, W tower and S porch. There is long-and-short work on the eastern quoins of the chancel, and the chancel may have formed an early single-cell church. The church as it exists now is substantially 12th century although the tower, nave clerestorey and south porch are 15th century. There are two small plain 12th century windows with arcuated lintels in the north wall of the chancel and two in the south wall. There are two reset 12thc century windows at the west end of the north aisle and in the west wall of the south aisle. There are traces of a blocked doorway on the south side of the chancel.
English Heritage Listed Building entry.
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